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just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. she -- he didn't get to make any choices. >> justice on hold, three years after a san jose teen's family is still waiting for the suspects to stand trial. >> yes, they are still waiting for justice, tomorrow marks a painful anniversary, that is when 15-year-old michael russell was killed in his own back yard, two teens were arrested, who were once his classmates. three years after the crime, they're adults and have yet to stand trial. we talked to the family on the eve of the vigil. >> every day is a tough day for
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the russell family, but especially this time of year. november is when the family found the santa teresa teen dead. >> he didn't get to may choices or choose his own destiny. >> and now they want to find justice for their nephew, michael. >> he was just always so pleasant to be around. he was quiet, easy-going, always considerate. >> reporter: that is why it is difficult waiting for the day for them to stand trial. >> you're upset, depressed, they have taken from us already, and they continue to take over and over and over again. >> reporter: michael was found stabbed to death in his family's back yard in november, 2009. his aunts say he was home on the computer and they left to run
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chores. that is the day they choose not to speak about. it is too painful. >> he was her only child, my sister didn't deserve to lose her only child. >> reporter: it took two days for police to find the two suspects. three years have gone by, and still, no justice. >> once you get into this system, it is no longer about you or what happened to your family. it is solely based around the individuals that did it. and it is hard to stomach. it is almost like we don't have any rights. we don't have any say, it is so hard to find a voice in all of that. >> reporter: each year on the anniversary of michael's death, the family holds candlelight vigils with a theme. last year, the message was stand up and use your voice against bullying. this year, the theme is waiting for justice. >> even though he is not here physically with us, he will always be a part of our family, it is three years later. but there is still a family
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here, and we'll always remember michael and we're going to stay here and fight for justice. >> i talked to the santa clara county district attorney's office who say they're pushing for a day to be set. but the defense attorneys are requesting numerous delays that have so far been granted by the judge. the two suspects will be back in court this month. meanwhile, michael's life will be celebrated tomorrow by family and friends, live, in the news room, cheryl herd. thank you, new details, police search for a killer, a woman found dead in her home. her husband is the number one suspect and he is on the run. it is a tragic saga that marks the 43th homicide of the year. they ask for him to turn himself in. >> reporter: it is tough to watch, some of the family members coming home to find out
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their loved one is dead. you can see they left flowers and balloons in front of the garage, they are looking for this man, fifty-year-old troy no zenso, after they found his wife, patricia, dead in the home. somebody called around 5:30 friday morning and then hung up. and when officers arrived they found patricia on the ground. they are not re surrealing the cause at this point. the family members, including patricia, her mother came to the crime scene to learn what happened. the family says they had been going through marital problems, but nothing they thought that would lead to something like that. >> just turn yourself in, make it easy on yourself and everyone else. and give us a reason. on why any of us deserve this,
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especially patricia. >> reporter: now, police say troy nosenzo may be driving a gray 2006 chevy pickup truck. this is the license plate, again, 8-l 70015, a gray 2006 chevy silverdo pickup truck. and once again this is what he looks like. if you think you have seen him or his pickup truck, please give san jose police a call. nbc bay area news. >> okay, george, thank you. and if you have not already, get out those extra blankets because temperatures are dipping to an extra low tonight. it pointed to the losgatos hills. and hail, covering the
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valley, more on the frost adv e advisory, boy, it is like a pendulum swinging. yes, in about three days we went from hot summer weather right into mid-winter. this is posted from the entire north bay, from santa rosa, and petaluma, frosty morning, slick roads, if you're doing early morning traveling you definitely want to take it account. 43 in sunnyvale, and 39 in gilroy, and widespread 40s in the santa clara valley. remember the pet, bring them inside and protect the plants as numbers will run 15 below average with temperatures on saturday morning. let's get you to the radar, we had all the severe weather. we're tracking the areas of showers. still not done with the rainfall.
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and here we go, right now some bay area snow. granted it is at mount hamilton right now. but we're tracking the snow, we will let you know how low it gets, dangerous conditions created, cars stuck, even sliding off the roads in some cases. we'll have in five minutes the latest on the snow totals and more on the winter storm warning coming up in ten minutes. and a third person charged with vandalizing a muni bus, the latest to be charged with the vandalism. the bus is worth $75,000. police are still looking for more suspects, this happened on october 29th. tonight we nor moe about the affair that led to petraeus's resignation. the affair was with the west point graduate, who wrote the book "all in" the education of
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general petraeus. the fbi is investigating her for trying to access his e-mail and gain access to classified information. now, petraeus is not under investigation, but resigned today citing the affair. he has been married for 37 years. coming up, we investigate a costly crime. >> tens of millions gone, like that. >> see what was caught on camera and how it might affect your bottom line every day. plus, the palo alto police, find out what they hope to build. and a great white shark spotted in the monterey bay. good evening. we continue to track those temperatures that have well, fallen even a little bit more in the past couple of minutes. right now, 42 degrees in walnut creek, we promised the snow totals, here they are. the ski resorts, anywhere from
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one to one and a half feet. the latest on when the storm moves in, in just a few minutes.
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it is an eerie video, a close encounter with a great white shark, right off our coast in santa cruz, take a look, the shark is about 13 feet long, circling the boat there. many were competing in the cold water classic. now the fishermen say the shark circled them about 20 times. you see their boat right there. thankfully, no injuries, but they have a lifetime memory. now, most civilians are not
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allowed to go on ride-alongs with cops. but tonight, thanks to twitter, they were, they were tweeting out calls and arrests, all in hopes of bringing a following and backup. >> reporter: jessica, a palo alto police officer is still tweeting us tonight, letting us know what his partner is up to. it is kind of a virtual outreach, and palo alto police hope it comes handy in an emergency. some 5 million people use twitter, if you are following, it can be overwhelming. the palo alto police department is hoping to host their first ride-along on twitter, with burglaries up over the last year, police are eager to engage the community on an levels. >> this is the wave of the future, and how people are
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communicating these days. and if the police officer is not there to be a part of it, we're really missing out. >> reporter: he is tweeting while his partner drives, after hours of tweets, the number jumped up. some are not interested in reading tweets about every call, but they can see how twitter can help police get realtime investigation about an investigation. >> like community alerts, things like that, a sex predator, whatever, is on the loose, he looks like this or that, hash tag us with this, it will create a dialogue. >> reporter: they will continue until 1:00 this morning. they hope it will boost the follower's list, being popular will hopefully help them in an emergency. >> if communication lines go down, social media likely will be one of the best ways for people to communicate.
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we want the public to know that we'll be here on social media so they can turn to us and get the information they need. >> reporter: now i followed the twitter feed tonight and it is pretty interesting, although police are not sharing exactly where they are or who was involved in the call. but it is clear, the palo alto police are busy. reporting live, in palo alto. and talk about taking the number down, the schools are in danger of losing thousands because of a grinch that stole signs, honey bear trees is a christmas lot and donates 15% of their proceeds to 45 local schools. hours after the signs were hung up at seven schools in redwood last week, the signs vanished. honey bear trees has raised money in the past years, paying for art programs and other ideas that the schools can't afford at this time. >> they need the money for the
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budget cuts, fundraising is a way to raise money. >> reporter: now luckily, another company has come forward and offered to donate the replacement. they cost about $500, the redwood city police are investigating. but nobody has been investigated. and train bandits jumping off trains, very real, for consumers who buy big ticket items like laptop. more on what we call the great train robbery, steven, where is this happening? >> raj, all over the place, we have been examining cargo thefts from the rails. billions worth of merchandise, stolen every year right off moving freight trains, happening all over the country. and some of the hottest spots are right here in california. 30 minutes from the nearest
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town, in the sierra foothills that lead to nothing but desert, there lurks a threat to the wallets of every american consumer. this is where, as this ice undercover video shows thieves jump on to moving freight trains, riding the rails and all the while stealing the high value cargo right off the train, with the engineers completely in the dark. >> happens every day. >> reporter: in a remote place like this one, when the sun goes down, the risk from cargo theft from passing freight trains goes up. >> gone, like that, tens of millions, gone like that. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say this is the kind of place where trains are at their most vulnerable. a steep grade, a series of switchbacks through the mountains in the middle of nowhere. we're east of bakersfield with
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the beginning of a series of switchbacks that end at this pass, right here, the officials say is where the robbers lie in wait. >> it is just easy, easy for them to do and to escape is easy. >> reporter: and it is costing each one of us every time we go to the store. >> interrupted five to 8%, or even more, the cost of the product is because of the theft. >> reporter: the industry insiders like ron green of private cargo security company, tell us that routinely thieves hit moving trains and unload thousands, sometimes even millions worth of cargo. >> billions stolen each year globally. and companies who don't protect their freight lose a lot of money. >> reporter: this undercover video, shot by federal ice agents shows a gang of train thieves, unloading $2,000 worth of flat screen 3-d televisions,
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off the train, in the desert. this is the special agent in charge in the los angeles office of immigration customs and enforcement. >> you have to be at the right place at the right time. >> reporter: last year, arnold's office helped to convict these men shown in the video, involved in the heist off the train. but he admits catching train robbers who work off thousands of miles of track in the wilderness can be like finding a needle in the hay stack. and since the thieves most often operate under the cover of darkness, he says spotting them can be almost impossible. >> you have to act on the intelligence, but it is a hard thing to detect. >> reporter: they go all around fresno and bakersfield. officials say the thieves also work in the deserts of mexico
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and atlanta, new jersey, among other places. >> the criminals get on board the trains. and when the train takes off, they climb through the trailers, finding what they want. >> reporter: the leader of the highway patrols team out of oakland, he says finding cargo thefts on the roads and in the rails. >> they will cut a hole on top of the trailer or just outside the flat bed that it is traveling on. and when the train pulls over, they will unload the cargo and call the chase car van to pick them up. >> reporter: this local ranch supervisor said that train robberies are so common that he pointed to this evidence, food and drink and wrappers, showing that somebody had been hanging out here in the remote track area, in the exact spot where the supervisor had previously seen people jumping board on passing trains. >> you talk about criminals being allowed to operate freely. it is a problem.
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>> reporter: with impunity. >> correct. >> reporter: and you and i have to pay for it. >> correct. >> reporter: now, train and cargo companies don't want to talk about this problem either. we contacted a half dozen major companies, all declining to speak about this issue for the record. but several mid-level officials with three different train companies all told me anonymously this is a very serious problem one that train compa companies want to ignore. but one that is growing faster and faster, despite the best efforts to stop for it. and you and i pay for it. raj, jessica? >> okay, thank you, we didn't know this type of stuff still happened. if you have an investigative tip, give us a call directly to the unit at nbcbayarea. and we have a frost advisory in effect, 38 in santa rosa, and
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one of the widespread colder spots, about 8:00 with plenty of widespread 40s, right now, 47 in san jose, 42 in santa teresa, and 42 in cuppertino, look at the cold storm, pushing to the south. but we still can't get rid of the isolated areas of instability, there is still so much upper level jet stream activity, at this hour it is hard to find anything with any kind of yellow. it is another occasion that we still may have a few areas of showers as we head into the morning hours before we eventually clear out. also, the bay area snow, an inch at mt. hamilton, even a few inches across the path or so. across liver more, rain and snow mix, 2,000 feet. that is as much as the snow
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level bottoms out. so sorry, no snow date. if you are traveling that way, just be careful, with the rain and snow mix those roads are very slick. let's take you outside, in san francisco, it is crystal clear, that cold air is evaporating, you will have incredible views tonight and tomorrow morning. the future cast, we mentioned the instability still around, a few areas of showers could be with us. four hours, san francisco in the north bay. that will stick with us, until about 6:00, as we head through the afternoon hours on saturday. not only rain-free, but also plenty of sunny skies. let's get you into the snow. next round of snow for the morning hours, with any kind of activity not going to produce too much. remember if you leave early in the morning the roads are extremely slick. temperatures, going down into the low 30s, frost advisory in the north bay, 32, nasa, one of
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the coldest, 33 in santa rosa, 35, could be a potential there in los gatos, so who could break a record? napa, concord, down in the history books for tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s, not only at the coastline, but only at the interior valley. not too much, no summer heat coming back like we had earlier this week when temperatures were in the 80s, and even 90s. remember that 94 we had in gilroy, temperatures dropping about 50 degrees. veteran's day, sunny skies, continuing through monday, then as we head out through tuesday, thursday, a chance of temperatures in the 60s. so no snow in the valley floor, but 2,000 feet, that is pretty low. >> a lot of people have veteran's day off, so a three-day weekend. it will be a chilly one. coming up, the warriors find themselves in the biggest story
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how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button.
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brew what you love, simply. keurig. okay, the giants season is over, but fair warning, these guys are a little crazy. >> and one of them belongs to us, our own bob brudell, today he helped with the contrappion there, he is on the water, using the little mini car -- you saw, he is okay, he enjoyed it. he stayed in the show. starting tomorrow at 1:00, next door to at&t park, we can't tell you, bob is going to be there also, but other insane people. jaymee sire is up next with sports.
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redell, red . i'm jaymee sire in the comcast sports news room, the warriors are without their big man for at least a week, but the los angeles lakers without their coach, mike brown, just into the season, fired. warriors and lakers, golden state had lost nine games, the last nine games in los angeles, second quarter, clay thompson, to seth curry, for the up and under. a nifty play there, the warriors, but this is all about kobe bryant, driving, that is why he is kobe bryant. fourth quarter, more of the same. kobe bryant with the steal, going coast to coast with the slam, he finished just 27 points, lakers win, 101-77. usf and stanford, the season opener, at oracle arena, he slams it home.
11:29 pm
under nine minutes to go, lays it in, the hoop. and the foul. and he is fired up about it. a little bit later, stanford with the inbound play. aaron bright, for powell, 27 on the night, stanford wins, 74-62. and to football with some huge injury news for the oakland raiders on friday. runningbacks, darren mcfadden, out. and richard seamore will also sit out against baltimore, that does it for sports, more news coming after the bre
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[ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving.
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forget the soda and cartoons, it is all about films, and more than 100 types of wine. the film festival runs this weekend. >> and guess who will be there? >> i'll be there. >> it will be a lot of fun. good night ♪
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so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- emmy-winning journalists, meredith vieira and richard cohen. from the new movie, "lincoln," james spader. the music of christina perri. and "jaywalking." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ]

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